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Pantyhose stories

It was the first day of class the summer of 1972. I was new to Florida and enrolled in high school. I had some pretty lame classes and second period was to be American History. How miserable I was going to be in this class was really up to me. Being new I really didn't know anyone so I thought I would sit in the back near the door for a quick exit. As I went do the row of chairs I saw a thin real nice looking blonde sitting with an empty chair behind her. I decided it might be to my benefit to sit behind her instead of in front of her. Then if I got bored I could at least have something nice to look at. Not realizing at that time that she was a newly transplant student too, she quickly turned around and introduced herself to me. 'Hello my name is Karina what is your name' she said to me. I gave her my name and status as a new student. She was very pleasant to talk to and very easy on the eyes.

I learned to enjoy sitting behind Karina as she very often wore a dress and pantyhose. I remember many time being distracted in class while I examined her shapely legs from behind. She usually wore the suntan color pantyhose. I studied her legs so much I became familiar with the weaving of the nylon in her pantyhose. I especially enjoyed it when she would move her legs around to remove a book from under her desk. I got an excellent view of her legs and white strappy shoes. I looked forward to seeing what she would wear everyday. I knew it was going to be a great day if she wore a short skirt and a so-so day if she wore pants.

I remember one day she asked me over to her house just to hang out. She didn't live to far from me so I didn't have to get in a hurry to get home. She was wearing a short red colored dress that day with suntan pantyhose. I sat on the couch as she went to the bathroom. She came out of the bath room minus her pantyhose and sat in the living room with me. She offered me something to drink so we went into the kitchen. On the way in there I noticed that she had wadded up her pantyhose and tossed them on the stairs to the second level. I was much tempted to pick them up and put them in my pocket. My mind went crazy thinking about what they would smell like. My mind also wanted to know how they would feel on my legs! I thought it would be too obvious to take them so I left them there and continued on into the kitchen. We were in the kitchen talking and my mind was on those fresh pantyhose. I excused myself to go into the living room for a moment to get something. As I went in I scooped up the pantyhose and stuck them down my pants. When I went home I smelled them and put them on my legs. I began to masturbate and came very quickly.

Karina called me the next day and asked me to come over again. I was a little hesitant. When I came in she was wearing another short dress and pantyhose. We sat on the couch and chit chatted for a while. She put her pantyhose legs up on my lap and asked me to rub her feet. I immediately moved her feet away from my now present erection and began to rub them. She closed her eyes as I rubbed her feet and began questioning me about yesterdays visit. She said she enjoyed our little talk but after I left she noticed that her pantyhose on the steps were missing. I stuttered a little bit trying to get my act together. She watched my reaction and knew that I had taken her pantyhose because she was the first one home that day and no one else was home for hours. She moved her pantyhose foot up and down next to my erection and asked me "why did you take my pantyhose"? She giggled and licked her lips suggestively. "Did you do something naughty with them" - she asked? After a few minutes I told her that I loved her legs and that I took them to remind me of her.

She knew that wasn't the complete truth and reached up under her dress and pulled off her warm pantyhose and handed them to me. She said "show me what you did with my best pair of pantyhose". I went nuts seeing this plus I could still see her sexy nylon covered panties under her dress as she was just sitting there. I was so aroused that I had to smell her pantyhose. I thought my penis was going to bust through my pants! Her bare foot brushed against my tented penis and said show me what else you did?

I could not stand it any longer and unzipped my pants and released my throbbing member. I started stroking my penis with one end of her pantyhose and sniffing the crotch area of the other end. She seemed to be amazed and never took her eyes off of my penis. Let's just say that I made a mess all over my pants and her pantyhose. She took the cum covered pantyhose and said that she would keep these as something to remember me by. Right around this awkward time someone pulled up in the driveway and I made my way home.

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